Class OneWireAccessProvider


public class OneWireAccessProvider extends Object
The OneWireAccessProvider class manages the Maxim adapter class derivatives of DSPortAdapter. An enumeration of all available adapters can be accessed through the member function EnumerateAllAdapters. This enables an application to be adapter independent. There are also facilities to get a system appropriate default adapter/port combination.


Example 1

Get an instance of the default 1-Wire adapter. The adapter will be ready to use if no exceptions are thrown.
     DSPortAdapter adapter = OneWireAccessProvider.getDefaultAdapter();

     System.out.println("Adapter: " + adapter.getAdapterName() + " Port: " + adapter.getPortName());

     // use the adapter ...

  catch(Exception e)
     System.out.println("Default adapter not present: " + e);

Example 2

Enumerate through the available adapters and ports.
  DSPortAdapter adapter;
  String        port;

  // get the adapters
  for (Enumeration adapter_enum = OneWireAccessProvider.enumerateAllAdapters();
                                  adapter_enum.hasMoreElements(); )
     // cast the enum as a DSPortAdapter
     adapter = ( DSPortAdapter ) adapter_enum.nextElement();

     System.out.print("Adapter: " + adapter.getAdapterName() + " with ports: ");

     // get the ports
     for (Enumeration port_enum = adapter.getPortNames();
             port_enum.hasMoreElements(); )
        // cast the enum as a String
        port = ( String ) port_enum.nextElement();

        System.out.print(port + " ");


Example 3

Display the default adapter name and port without getting an instance of the adapter.
  System.out.println("Default Adapter: " +
  System.out.println("Default Port: " +
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  • Method Details

    • getVersion

      public static String getVersion()
      Returns a version string, representing the release number on official releases, or release number and release date on incrememental releases.
      Current OneWireAPI version
    • main

      public static void main(String[] args)
      Main method returns current version info, and default adapter setting.
      args - cmd-line arguments, ignored for now.
    • enumerateAllAdapters

      public static Enumeration<DSPortAdapter> enumerateAllAdapters()
      Gets an Enumeration of all 1-Wire adapter types supported. Using this enumeration with the port enumeration for each adapter, a search can be done to find all available hardware adapters.
      Enumeration of DSPortAdapters in the system
    • getAdapter

      public static DSPortAdapter getAdapter(String adapterName, String portName) throws OneWireIOException, OneWireException
      Finds, opens, and verifies the specified adapter on the indicated port.
      adapterName - string name of the adapter (match to result of call to getAdapterName() method in DSPortAdapter)
      portName - string name of the port used in the method selectPort() in DSPortAdapter
      DSPortAdapter if adapter present
      OneWireIOException - when communication with the adapter fails
      OneWireException - when the port or adapter not present
    • getDefaultAdapter

      public static DSPortAdapter getDefaultAdapter() throws OneWireIOException, OneWireException
      Finds, opens, and verifies the default adapter and port. Looks for the default adapter/port in the following locations:

      • Use adapter/port in for onewire.adapter.default, and onewire.port.default properties tags.
      • Use adapter/port from file in current directory or < java.home >/lib/ (Desktop) or /etc/ (TINI)
      • Use smart default
        • Desktop
          • First, TMEX (1-Wire Drivers) default
          • Second, if TMEX not present, then DS9097U/(first serial port)
        • TINI, TINIExternalAdapter on port serial1
      DSPortAdapter if default adapter present
      OneWireIOException - when communication with the adapter fails
      OneWireException - when the port or adapter not present
    • getProperty

      public static String getProperty(String propName)
      Gets the specified onewire property. Looks for the property in the following locations:

      • In
      • In file in current directory or < java.home >/lib/ (Desktop) or /etc/ (TINI)
      • 'smart' default if property is 'onewire.adapter.default' or 'onewire.port.default'
      propName - string name of the property to read
      String representing the property value or null if it could not be found (onewire.adapter.default and onewire.port.default may return a 'smart' default even if property not present)
    • setUseOverridingAdapter

      public static void setUseOverridingAdapter(DSPortAdapter adapter)
      Sets an overriding adapter. This adapter will be returned from getAdapter and getDefaultAdapter despite what was requested.
      adapter - adapter to be the override
      See Also:
    • clearUseOverridingAdapter

      public static void clearUseOverridingAdapter()
      Clears the overriding adapter. The operation of getAdapter and getDefaultAdapter will be returned to normal.
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