Class Event

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    public class Event
    extends TaggedDevice
    implements TaggedSensor
    This class provides a default object for the Event type of a tagged 1-Wire device.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Event

        public Event()
        Creates an object for the device.
      • Event

        public Event​(DSPortAdapter adapter,
                     java.lang.String netAddress)
        Creates an object for the device with the supplied address and device type connected to the supplied port adapter.
        adapter - The adapter serving the sensor.
        netAddress - The 1-Wire network address of the sensor.
    • Method Detail

      • readSensor

        public java.lang.String readSensor()
                                    throws OneWireException
        The readSensor method returns the "max" string if the Sensor (a switch) has had activity since last time it was checked for activity.
        Specified by:
        readSensor in interface TaggedSensor
        String The "max" string associated with this Sensor.
        OneWireIOException - on a 1-Wire communication error such as reading an incorrect CRC from a 1-Wire device. This could be caused by a physical interruption in the 1-Wire Network due to shorts or a newly arriving 1-Wire device issuing a 'presence pulse'.
        OneWireException - on a communication or setup error with the 1-Wire adapter