Class XML

  • public class XML
    extends java.lang.Object
    XML services. This class provides several XML utility functions.
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      static SAXParser createSAXParser()
      Create a SAX parser.
      static java.lang.String escape​(java.lang.String source)
      Escape special characters in the given string.
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      • XML

        public XML()
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      • createSAXParser

        public static SAXParser createSAXParser()
        Create a SAX parser.
        A new SAX parser.
      • escape

        public static java.lang.String escape​(java.lang.String source)
        Escape special characters in the given string. This method takes a string and escapes special characters so it can be used as the text content of an element or as an attribute value. For example, the ampersand & becomes &.
        source - The string to escape
        The escaped string.