Class TimeOfUseProps


public final class TimeOfUseProps extends Object
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    • getComponents

      public static final ArrayList<EdgeConfig.Component> getComponents(ConfigurationTarget target, String ctrlEssTimeOfUseTariffId, String controllerAlias, String providerFactoryId, String providerAlias, String timeOfUseTariffProviderId, Consumer<JsonUtils.JsonObjectBuilder> additionalProperties)
      Creates the commonly used components for a Time-of-Use.
      target - the ConfigurationTarget
      ctrlEssTimeOfUseTariffId - The id of the ToU controller.
      controllerAlias - the alias of the ToU controller.
      providerFactoryId - the factoryId of the ToU provider.
      providerAlias - the alias of the ToU provider.
      timeOfUseTariffProviderId - the id of the ToU provider.
      additionalProperties - Consumer for additional configuration of the provider.
      the components.