public class SingleRack extends Object
Helper class that provides channels and channel ids for a multi rack channels and ids are created dynamically depending on system configuration.
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    • getChannels

      protected Collection<Channel<?>> getChannels()
    • getChannel

      protected Channel<?> getChannel(String key)
    • getSoC

      protected int getSoC()
    • getMinimalCellVoltage

      protected int getMinimalCellVoltage()
    • getMaximalCellVoltage

      protected int getMaximalCellVoltage()
    • getMinimalCellTemperature

      protected int getMinimalCellTemperature()
    • getMaximalCellTemperature

      protected int getMaximalCellTemperature()
    • getTasks

      protected Collection<Task> getTasks()
    • getRackNumber

      protected int getRackNumber()
    • getAddressOffset

      protected int getAddressOffset()