Class DisabledPidFilter

  • public class DisabledPidFilter
    extends PidFilter
    This implementation ignores the PID filter and instead just returns the unfiltered target value - making sure it is within the allowed minimum and maximum limits. It is used when PowerComponent is configured to disable PID filter.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DisabledPidFilter

        public DisabledPidFilter()
    • Method Detail

      • applyPidFilter

        public int applyPidFilter​(int input,
                                  int target)
        Description copied from class: PidFilter
        Apply the PID filter using the current Channel value as input and the target value.
        applyPidFilter in class PidFilter
        input - the input value, e.g. the measured Channel value
        target - the target value
        the filtered set-point value