Class AppValidateWorker

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class AppValidateWorker extends AbstractWorker implements
This Worker constantly validates:.
  • that all enabled OpenEMS Apps are properly configured, including required OpenEMS Components, IP addresses, Scheduler settings, etc.
  • Field Details

    • defectiveApps

      protected final Map<String,String> defectiveApps
      Map from App to defect details.
  • Constructor Details

    • AppValidateWorker

      public AppValidateWorker()
  • Method Details

    • deactivate

      public void deactivate()
      Description copied from class: AbstractWorker
      Stops the worker thread.
      deactivate in class AbstractWorker
    • configurationEvent

      public void configurationEvent( event)
      Specified by:
      configurationEvent in interface
    • forever

      protected void forever()
      Description copied from class: AbstractWorker
      This method is called in a loop forever until the Thread gets interrupted.
      Specified by:
      forever in class AbstractWorker
    • getCycleTime

      protected int getCycleTime()
      Description copied from class: AbstractWorker
      Gets the cycleTime of this worker in [ms].
      • > 0 sets the minimum execution time of one Cycle
      • = 0 never wait between two consecutive executions of forever()
      • < 0 causes the Cycle to sleep forever until 'triggerNextRun()' is called
      Specified by:
      getCycleTime in class AbstractWorker
      the cycleTime
    • triggerNextRun

      public void triggerNextRun()
      Description copied from class: AbstractWorker
      Allows the next execution of the forever() method.
      triggerNextRun in class AbstractWorker
    • setConfig

      public void setConfig(AppValidateWorker.Config config)
    • debugLog

      protected String debugLog()
      Called by parent debugLog.
      a debug log String or null
    • validateApps

      protected void validateApps()
      Validates all Apps.

      'protected' so that it can be used in a JUnit test.