Class OutOfMemoryHeapDumpWorker

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public class OutOfMemoryHeapDumpWorker extends ComponentManagerWorker
This Worker constantly checks for heap-dump files in /usr/lib/openems directory. Those get created on OutOfMemory-Errors. All but the latest heap-dump file are deleted and the ComponentManager.ChannelId.WAS_OUT_OF_MEMORY StateChannel is set.
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    • forever

      protected void forever()
      Description copied from class: AbstractWorker
      This method is called in a loop forever until the Thread gets interrupted.
      Specified by:
      forever in class AbstractWorker
    • getCycleTime

      protected int getCycleTime()
      Description copied from class: AbstractWorker
      Gets the cycleTime of this worker in [ms].
      • > 0 sets the minimum execution time of one Cycle
      • = 0 never wait between two consecutive executions of forever()
      • < 0 causes the Cycle to sleep forever until 'triggerNextRun()' is called
      Specified by:
      getCycleTime in class AbstractWorker
      the cycleTime