Class NetworkConfiguration

  • public class NetworkConfiguration
    extends java.lang.Object
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      static java.lang.String PATTERN_INET4ADDRESS  
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      java.util.TreeMap<java.lang.String,​NetworkInterface<?>> getInterfaces()
      Gets the network interfaces configuration. toJson()
      Return this NetworkConfiguration as a JSON object.
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        public static final java.lang.String PATTERN_INET4ADDRESS
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    • Constructor Detail

      • NetworkConfiguration

        public NetworkConfiguration​(java.util.TreeMap<java.lang.String,​NetworkInterface<?>> interfaces)
    • Method Detail

      • toJson

        public toJson()
        Return this NetworkConfiguration as a JSON object.

           "interfaces": {
             [name: string]: {
               "dhcp"?: boolean,
               "linkLocalAddressing"?: boolean,
               "gateway"?: string,
               "dns"?: string,
               "addresses"?: string[]
        this configuration as JSON
      • getInterfaces

        public java.util.TreeMap<java.lang.String,​NetworkInterface<?>> getInterfaces()
        Gets the network interfaces configuration.
        a map of network interfaces per name