Class SumImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • SumImpl

        public SumImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • getModbusSlaveTable

        public ModbusSlaveTable getModbusSlaveTable​(AccessMode accessMode)
        Description copied from interface: ModbusSlave
        Gets the Modbus-Slave-Table for this OpenEMS-Component.
        Specified by:
        getModbusSlaveTable in interface ModbusSlave
        accessMode - filters the Modbus-Records that should be shown
        the Modbus-Slave-Table
      • updateChannelsBeforeProcessImage

        public void updateChannelsBeforeProcessImage()
        Description copied from interface: Sum
        Update all Channel-Values of this Sum-Component.

        This method is called by the 'Cycle' just before the TOPIC_CYCLE_AFTER_PROCESS_IMAGE event.

        Specified by:
        updateChannelsBeforeProcessImage in interface Sum
      • debugLog

        public java.lang.String debugLog()
        Description copied from interface: OpenemsComponent
        Gets some output that is suitable for a continuous Debug log. Returns 'null' by default which causes no output.
        Specified by:
        debugLog in interface OpenemsComponent
        the debug log output