Class EnergySchedulerImpl

All Implemented Interfaces:
OpenemsComponent, ComponentJsonApi, JsonApi, EnergyScheduler

public class EnergySchedulerImpl extends AbstractOpenemsComponent implements OpenemsComponent, EnergyScheduler, ComponentJsonApi
  • Constructor Details

    • EnergySchedulerImpl

      public EnergySchedulerImpl()
  • Method Details

    • deactivate

      protected void deactivate()
      Description copied from class: AbstractOpenemsComponent
      Handles @Deactivate of implementations. Prints log output.
      deactivate in class AbstractOpenemsComponent
    • buildJsonApiRoutes

      public void buildJsonApiRoutes(JsonApiBuilder builder)
      Description copied from interface: JsonApi
      Specifies routes of the current component in the given builder.


       public void buildJsonApiRoutes(JsonApiBuilder builder) {
           builder.rpc("METHOD_NAME", call -> {
              // handle call...
      Specified by:
      buildJsonApiRoutes in interface JsonApi
      builder - the builder to add the routes