Class AdjustParameter

    • Constructor Detail

      • AdjustParameter

        public AdjustParameter​(ComponentManager manager,
                               DecisionTableCondition condition,
                               java.lang.String gridconPcsId,
                               java.lang.String b1Id,
                               java.lang.String b2Id,
                               java.lang.String b3Id,
                               java.lang.String inputNa1,
                               java.lang.String inputNa2,
                               java.lang.String inputSyncBridge,
                               java.lang.String outputSyncBridge,
                               java.lang.String meterId,
                               float deltaFrequency,
                               float deltaVoltage,
                               boolean na1Inverted,
                               boolean na2Inverted,
                               boolean inputSyncInverted)
    • Method Detail

      • getState

        public IState getState()
        Description copied from interface: StateObject
        Returns the corresponding state.
        the state
      • getNextState

        public IState getNextState()
        Description copied from interface: StateObject
        Depending on the circumstances the next state according to the state machine is returned.
        the next state
      • getGridconSettings

        public GridconSettings getGridconSettings()
        Description copied from interface: StateObject
        Getter for GridconSettings.
        the relevant settings for the gridcon