Class ChargeSessionStamp

  • public class ChargeSessionStamp
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • ChargeSessionStamp

        public ChargeSessionStamp​(java.time.Instant time,
                                  long energy)
        Constructor of a ChargeSession with the given time and energy.
      • ChargeSessionStamp

        public ChargeSessionStamp​(long energy)
        Constructor of a ChargeSession with the initial Energy.

        The time will be initialized by

      • ChargeSessionStamp

        public ChargeSessionStamp​(java.time.Instant time)
        Constructor of a ChargeSession with the initial Time.

        The energy will be initialized by 0.

      • ChargeSessionStamp

        public ChargeSessionStamp()
        Constructor of a ChargeSession with no initial values.
    • Method Detail

      • getTime

        public java.time.Instant getTime()
      • setTime

        public void setTime​(java.time.Instant time)
      • getEnergy

        public long getEnergy()
      • setEnergy

        public void setEnergy​(long energy)
      • isChargeSessionStampPresent

        public boolean isChargeSessionStampPresent()
      • setChargeSessionStamp

        public void setChargeSessionStamp​(java.time.Instant time,
                                          long energy)
      • resetChargeSessionStamp

        public void resetChargeSessionStamp()
      • setChargeSessionStampIfNotPresent

        public void setChargeSessionStampIfNotPresent​(java.time.Instant time,
                                                      long energy)
      • resetChargeSessionStampIfPresent

        public void resetChargeSessionStampIfPresent()