Interface GoodWeChargerTwoString

All Superinterfaces:
EssDcCharger, GoodWeCharger, OpenemsComponent
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface GoodWeChargerTwoString extends OpenemsComponent, EssDcCharger, GoodWeCharger
  • Method Details

    • pvPort

      PvPort pvPort()
      Used PV port of the GoodWe inverter.
      Used PV port
    • calculateByRuleOfThree

      static Optional<Integer> calculateByRuleOfThree(Optional<Integer> total, Optional<Integer> divisor, Optional<Integer> related)
      Calculate a value by rule of three.

      Solves proportions and calculate the unknown value.

      Assure that the unit of the divisor and relatedValue are the same.

      total - total optional of the required unit
      divisor - divisor of the known unit
      related - related optional with the known unit
      the calculated result. Return null for empty parameters or zero divisor