Class VirtualSubtractMeter

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      • cm

        protected cm
    • Constructor Detail

      • VirtualSubtractMeter

        public VirtualSubtractMeter()
    • Method Detail

      • debugLog

        public java.lang.String debugLog()
        Description copied from interface: OpenemsComponent
        Gets some output that is suitable for a continuous Debug log. Returns 'null' by default which causes no output.
        Specified by:
        debugLog in interface OpenemsComponent
        the debug log output
      • addToSum

        public boolean addToSum()
        Description copied from interface: VirtualMeter
        Whether or not to add the values of this meter to Sum.

        Use case: there are two production meters which should be joined to one virtual meter. In this case you would not want this VirtualMeter to be added to the total sum of Production power ("_sum/ActiveProductionPower").

        Specified by:
        addToSum in interface VirtualMeter
        true if it should be added to sum.
      • getModbusSlaveTable

        public ModbusSlaveTable getModbusSlaveTable​(AccessMode accessMode)
        Description copied from interface: ModbusSlave
        Gets the Modbus-Slave-Table for this OpenEMS-Component.
        Specified by:
        getModbusSlaveTable in interface ModbusSlave
        accessMode - filters the Modbus-Records that should be shown
        the Modbus-Slave-Table