Interface Predictor24Hours

    • Method Detail

      • getChannelAddresses

        ChannelAddress[] getChannelAddresses()
        Gets the Channel-Addresses for which this Predictor can provide a prediction.

        The entries can contain wildcards to match multiple actual ChannelAddresses.

        an array of ChannelAddresses
      • get24HoursPrediction

        Prediction24Hours get24HoursPrediction​(ChannelAddress channelAddress)
        Gives a prediction for the next 24 h for the given ChannelAddress; one value per 15 minutes; 96 values in total.

        E.g. if called at 10:05, the first value stands for 10:00 to 10:15; second value for 10:15 to 10:30.

        channelAddress - the ChannelAddress
        the Prediction24Hours