Class QueryHistoricTimeseriesEnergyRequest

public class QueryHistoricTimeseriesEnergyRequest extends JsonrpcRequest
Represents a JSON-RPC Request for 'queryHistoricTimeseriesEnergy'.

This Request is for use-cases where you want to get the energy for one period per Channel, e.g. to show the entire energy over a period as a text. The energy is calculated by subtracting first value of the period ('fromDate') from the last value of the period ('toDate').

   "jsonrpc": "2.0",
   "id": "UUID",
   "method": "queryHistoricTimeseriesEnergy",
   "params": {
     "fromDate": YYYY-MM-DD,
     "toDate": YYYY-MM-DD,
     "channels": ChannelAddress[],
     "timezone": String,
     "resolution": {
       "value": Number,
       "unit": ChronoUnit