Class AbstractMaxCurrentHandler.Builder<T extends AbstractMaxCurrentHandler.Builder<?>>

    • Field Detail

      • initialBmsMaxEverCurrent

        protected final int initialBmsMaxEverCurrent
      • voltageToPercent

        protected PolyLine voltageToPercent
      • temperatureToPercent

        protected PolyLine temperatureToPercent
      • maxIncreasePerSecond

        protected java.lang.Double maxIncreasePerSecond
    • Constructor Detail

      • Builder

        protected Builder​(ClockProvider clockProvider,
                          int initialBmsMaxEverCurrent)
        clockProvider - a ClockProvider, mainly for JUnit tests
        initialBmsMaxEverCurrent - the (estimated) maximum allowed current. This is used as a reference for percentage values. If during runtime a higher value is provided, that one is taken from then on.
    • Method Detail

      • setMaxIncreasePerSecond

        public T setMaxIncreasePerSecond​(double maxIncreasePerSecond)
        Sets the Max-Increase-Per-Second parameter in [A].
        maxIncreasePerSecond - value in [A] per Second.
        a AbstractMaxCurrentHandler.Builder
      • self

        protected abstract T self()