Class PowerConstraint

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    public class PowerConstraint
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements java.util.function.Consumer<Channel<java.lang.Integer>>
    This lambda friendly functional class creates a Power Constraint when a new write-value is sent to the Channel (setNextWriteValue()). This new constraint is directly validated and only added if the Power problem is still solvable with the new constraint. Otherwise an error is logged.
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      void accept​(Channel<java.lang.Integer> channel)  
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      • PowerConstraint

        public PowerConstraint​(java.lang.String channelId,
                               Phase phase,
                               Pwr pwr,
                               Relationship relationship)
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      • accept

        public void accept​(Channel<java.lang.Integer> channel)
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        accept in interface java.util.function.Consumer<Channel<java.lang.Integer>>