Table of Contents

The Metadata interface defines a service, that coordinates OpenEMS Backend communication with one or more OpenEMS Edges and with the OpenEMS UI. It is responsible for identification and authorization of OpenEMS edges and of Users using the OpenEMS UI. Beside that the Metadata bundle is responsible for the state of users and edges and related processes.

1. Edges

The Metadata service provides access to the Edge object - the digital twin representation of the OpenEMS Edge instance.

Identification of OpenEMS Edges is done with a unique API key. Please take care, that the API key includes a lot of randomness, because it is implicitly used to authorize the Edge.

2. Users

The User object includes meta information about a user. Furthermore it is used for identification/authorization of the user. The metadata service can be used to change various attributes which are associated with a user (e.g. the users default language).

3. Processes

The metadata service provides methods to

  • add users to an Edge,

  • set and change alerting/notification settings,

  • set up new Edge devices.